Small kitchen shelves ideas

Small kitchen shelves are in the solution of the list for most market practice décor. You can fit yourself into any space and eliminates some product placement space, as overflowing closets, better to divide the environment and leave your routine even more practical cooking. The cost is low and if he repent installation, just remove and fine.

All small kitchen shelves are equal? Not really. Just like any product with decorative power (ie all), it should be noted first of all the style space. If your kitchen has glass table, stove with transparent cover and many glass condiment jars and is light, your best option is to use glass shelf in the kitchen. It is also lighter, ideal for visual feeling of cleanliness requested by a kitchen.

The models in wood are the cheapest and most common, but not unique. For those who live in a region highly affected by termites and other insects, the optional metal or glass as raw material is the most suitable. Wood, however, colorful, adds more visual space and when thick and of good material, lasts more than three decades without problem.

Using small kitchen shelves for decoration

The most common use is to store condiment jars. For that invest in a well regarded space as over your sink or counter and decorated pots to be worth it. Makes the handling more practical items in routine cooking too. But some people use just to put items for its visual value, how to put vases, candy jars selected only to become more beautiful, with some chocolate pots too. A cool tip is to use pots of bullets on top of your kitchen on a small shelf.

Colored small kitchen shelves can be the difference in a thematic or monochrome décor. If your kitchen is completely white but with some playful items such as paintings and pots, choose a shelf color of their pots and create a unique space, more cheerful. Some people put a shelf in wood completely different color all provisions of environment as a prominent element, great tip to differentiate in space. Match the cabinet color is a way to not miss in space as well.