5 tips to small kitchen design layouts

If we have a small kitchen, we must redouble our efforts and imagination to make it as welcoming as possible, within our means. We have already seen in another article ideas for organizing a small, now let's see 5 tips to small kitchen design layouts

small galley kitchen design

1. Cleaning and organization, first tips for small kitchen design layouts. You will be surprised the rejuvenating effect that acquires the kitchen with a good organization and a perfect cleaning. Tackle strip that do not serve, make hollow, clean furniture and appliances thoroughly, notice the difference.

2. A good paint job. If you already have the kitchen painted a lighter color, but you have not the repintas not Go for it, give it a coat of paint, also notice a big difference. If the kitchen is painted in dark colors, change them by light and soft colors. If you're going to paint the furniture, go with light colors. If the kitchen ceiling is low, paint it a couple of softer tones walls, this will make it look higher.

3. Inúndala light. If you have curtains, blinds or anything else that gets between the window and the light, get rid of it. Not only will the clean wall and the outer landscape will blend with the interior, but that little difference of light now enters more, will help. As for artificial lighting, try the kitchen is lit from the ceiling. The portholes are the best option.

4. Furniture and shelves that are open. If we have door furniture, the walls are bringing to the center of the kitchen. Open shelves increase the size of the kitchen. If you want doors or yes, better use of glass.

5. Change the furniture. If this option is available to you, change the furniture with new ones. Get rid of the old, dark and robust antique furniture and change them for a straight, thin, simple, modern lines.

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