Classic Kitchens Design Ideas

Soothe luxury, originated in the palaces and castles of the royal families, attracted by the unique combination of comfort and solemnity. Choosing to design kitchens classic style, you get the opportunity to highlight your good taste and judgment, the pursuit of stability. Classic is typically used as the interior living room or bedroom, but to complement the harmony of the apartment or house appropriate modern kitchen certainly a decent move.


The ideal flooring for the room in classic style flooring or natural marble. The second solution would be much more practical for the kitchen design, both coatings are not cheap. You can lay a waterproof laminate, color and texture imitating the tree, but he is known, long exposure to water will not stand still. Look closely at a ceramic tile it can help to draw the floor like wood and marble.

Tip: for a small room is better to choose light floors, and in a room with dark floors and furniture set with bright facades.


As wall decoration using paintable wallpaper or raised plaster. Decorating the walls with fabric or veneer, of course, support the classic style, but the kitchen is hardly suitable. It is best to make the wall light and uniform, can be unobtrusive floral ornaments. If you do not want to give up modern and practical glazing, buy plastic frames, which mimics the surface of the wood. The important role played by curtains no blinds in the classic kitchen!

Tip: heavy curtains with drapes hard to erase. Hang the kitchen Roman blinds this option will make cleaning quick and convenient, but also save the majesty of textiles in the composition window.


The most universal solution a white ceiling decorated with stucco on the perimeter. Usually moldings in a modern interior is a cheap plastic plinth. Harmonious can be artistic painting the ceiling space. However, we live in a world where all the innovations are aimed at improving comfort. Feel free to mount in the kitchen the suspended ceiling with the image of a classical painting such a surface can be washed without fear of impact on its decorative function.

Furniture for the working area

Furniture should always be wood, veneered parts are allowed. The facades are decorated with carvings, special attention is paid to fittings, such as handles. Required element Headset rack-case or a sideboard. The most difficult to fit harmoniously in a classical interior of modern technology, so let it be built. Zone plate stylized under fire a successful combination of functionality and classic accent. The bar counter is also the case in the classical kitchen, and used for its intended purpose - to store alcoholic drinks.