Blue kitchen walls: you'll feel more comfortable when cooking

A blue kitchens walls, why not? Since the paint, furniture, accessories, the color blue goes in the kitchen to create an original cuisine and trendy. Teal, turquoise or electric shades are available in a rich range of shades to vary the pleasures and styles. Here are 12 blue deco kitchen to make the plunge with this enigmatic color you love!

blue dog kitchen

Put blue in the kitchen, a good idea! Offering a multitude of shades, both for painting kitchen the color of the furniture, the blue can stylize and make it unique whole kitchen. But it is not only about style: the primary color also opens space, making it ideal for the development of a small kitchen. So if you dream of travel and new horizons, these ideas blue kitchens walls will inspire you for sure!

In this large kitchen ocean blue walls set the tone. While expanding the volume of the room, the light blue kitchens walls paint naturally aligns with furniture of a white kitchen black and wooden accessories. A winning combination with this color kitchen to the original and simple decor.

blue kitchen walls

In this turquoise kitchen, the colors are at the appointment. Besides the turquoise paint on the walls set the tone from the outset, the few colored dots of various accessories bring smiles to the room while the light wood chairs and small service evokes a trip to the islands.

Like walking on the water, in this kitchen is the floor which is of a very gay blue. In this vintage atmosphere, this color is welcome and gives the character to this room. Chairs old shcool, also painted in the same blue merge with soil and form a unity in the face color yellow walls and white painted furniture

blue kitchens

blue ribbon bakery kitchen

Suspensions, a table or even blue painted furniture enough to make a retro kitchen a living cell in the trendy decoration. In the dining room, the simple white walls are identified by a blue shades. This kitchen furniture has donned a very vintage blue paint tender while the table displays a blue more assertive