Kitchen Island With Bar Design

Kitchen island with bar has long ceased to be something amazing. This element of the interior has removed us from the West. If the American bar is a place just for the preparation of beverages and drinking, fully justifying its name, in our reality it is perfectly blended into the interior of the small cramped kitchen and replaced the bulky dinner tables. In our apartments bar area serves meals for a small family of two or three people or for singles, traditionally served for the guests large table in the living room.

Stand near the wall. Located along the wall (or window). Great for small kitchens, saves space, and completely replaces the dinner table. If the room high window sills, it is possible to combine the bar and the window sill so easy to obtain a wide surface, and the owners will be able to enjoy the view from the window for dinner.

Reception room. This embodiment is most commonly used in our kitchens. Working surface flows smoothly into the bar, the design is made in the form of letters "G" or "P". Perfect for cramped kitchens, saving space.
Partition. The front of the partition looks best in studio apartments. With it you can easily isolate the kitchen area from the living room.

Island. This option is more suitable for spacious kitchen. The island can accommodate desk and workspace for food preparation and even cooking surface, completely changing its purpose.

Material and size bar

Normally bar has a height of 100-120 centimeters. Featured meals rack width must be at least half a meter to her gone in a plate and cutlery. For racks require high stools or kitchen chairs with backs. Their main advantage is that most of the models have a height adjuster, and each person can choose the height of the chair under him.

Carry racks from a variety of materials, from the cheapest to the most exclusive: natural wood, chipboard, metal, plastic, natural or artificial stone, drywall, glass. Decor racks may also be different, it spread decorative tiles, using rough stones or bricks, all depending on its configuration. The most durable and expensive materials are considered natural stones granite, quartz or marble. Tree more susceptible to breakage, but it gives the whole interior style and status.

Kitchen island with bar for small kitchen

Kitchen island with bar for small kitchen it's a godsend. It is ideal for singles and families without children. The reception will be a place of daily lunches and evening cocktails with friends. In the small kitchen a solution has many advantages:

  • Stools easily slides under the rack, thus saving space.
  • The bar counter can have shelves for storing utensils, and above it is possible to arrange holders for glasses. All of this frees up space in the kitchen.
  • For small kitchens is best suited desk is the continuation of the work surface. So bar can combine the two functions.

Even in the smallest kitchen can be easy to put a rack of up to two meters and 2-4 bar stool. This is quite enough for a comfortable meal family of 2-4 people.