How can comfortably settle in a small kitchen?

The kitchen should be spacious enough, especially if it serves also as a dining room. Unfortunately, in our circumstances but it is a bit of a Cinderella left out in dark corners . As a small space, which is barely level by pressing kitchen, dinette get there?

Fits if you dining area to the living room, you have won. But even so, it is advisable to put at least a small kitchen table, where we can have a quick breakfast and not make a mess in another room. And not always the dining area to the living room throws. Many therefore buying dining furniture resign their meals and eat a cross-legged on the coffee table. Do you recognize it? So eat but do not pay enough attention and spoil your eating habits. It is proved that the food you unable to concentrate and read, or watch TV, eat a so much more. Regular overeating consequences are obvious. Eat, we should at the table for that purpose, lit and welcoming. A number that comes question: Where to put it? Sometimes it needs to spend a lot of ingenuity and resourcefulness.

7 tips on how to outwit a small kitchen:
1. The simplest solution is to be foldable and stackable furniture. After using the table turns into a narrow shelf, where you might need to postpone a cup of tea or a sandwich. At lunchtime we lift the plate and provide more space for serving food. One chair can be constantly ready and the remaining "nastohujete" in the corner of the way. Thus designed seating is ideal for two, maximum three people.

2. Folding tables allow you to entertain at home and larger company. From a small table for two easily conjure up more, which also sit six people. Even in this case, we recommend sitting stacking or folding chairs that you save in a closet.

3. In an emergency, the highest serve a wide shelf under which you plug chairs or bar stools. You done looking at eating into the wall, try to put it to a window or wall, install a mirror that will create the illusion that you look into the room. As an added value to you your visually enlarge.

4. Allowing this space, you can create a table stretching or bending worktop. In order to leave room for legs and was where to tuck chair, put under the top cabinets. The advantage is that this area may be used in cooking, which is in a small kitchen counts, then harvested and formed large table. Just be reconciled with the fact that the session you will need a higher chair, something between a full bar and classic.

5. Even furniture companies respond to problems with the location of bytes and producing smart furniture, which when not in use, takes up minimum space. For example, a table with chairs that can be inserted so that the table consists of a single mass, and not interfere when circumvention.

6. Instead use the chairs benches, are narrower than the chair and, if necessary, they can fit more people. Attach as a backrest foam strip on the wall. paint or wall paint and pot and bench pads.

7. A skilled handyman or tradesman installed in swivel panel lines, but you have to give up part of the cabinet or drawer. Mounting a swivel design with additional board that if you're not using it, sliding under the worktop. The implementation of various small tables to look in our photo gallery.