Brown kitchen - Secrets selection of furniture and decoration

At all times, man has sought to ensure that the kitchen was the most comfortable corner of his house. And what is interesting: changing fashion trends, new materials and technologies, and the brown color in the design of the kitchen is always among the favorites. Let's try to understand all the intricacies of application of this color, which helps to create a calm and warm atmosphere of home, even in apartments of residents of modern mega-cities.

In this article whether brown suit for a small kitchen with which to combine different shades of colors and options brown kitchen sets.

Brown kitchen furniture

Classic option for brown kitchen a natural wood, which made the facades of the headset and dining group. However, the headset from the array are not cheap. More budget option would be furniture, load of MDF or chipboard and veneered wood: it will look dignified and elegant.

A large part of the consumer chooses food economy, for surface finishing that use film or plastic. The coating imitates the color and texture of real wood or just have a nice rich color. Modern production technologies not only provide such furniture is very presentable, but provide the opportunity to use many more variations of brown.

Brown is universal and "friendly" with many styles and a wide variety of decorative elements, so the kitchen sets and dining group made in this color scheme, are striking in their versatility. Facades brown cuisine can be matte or glossy, self-colored or include a combination of several shades. Ordering such furniture, you can select stricter smooth facades of simple rectangular shapes or something more interesting, such as artificially aged or decorated with paneled design, carving, stamping.

The brown kitchens look great glass surfaces and inserts, frosted glass windows, gold-plated handles and other fittings. Brown, being one of the most common in nature, involves the use in interior decoration of natural materials or their quality imitation.

In the kitchen, designed in brown colors, will look good wood floors or ceramic tile for flooring, walls treated melkofakturnoy plaster or paneled wood veneer that is in harmony with the color of the furniture. Welcome small inserts from natural or artificial stone, decorative coatings rattan or cork, leather items.