Choose modern kitchen faucets

Make sure when choosing kitchen taps on the processed materials. Inferior models can give lead and nickel to the drinking water and so endanger health. The risk does not exist if outlet and battery are made of stainless steel or nickel plated brass completely. Be careful with bargain brand valves made of high-quality components have their price.

Modern kitchen faucetss no longer consist of a mere faucet with access. What extra features for you are the right ones, comes down to the personal needs. Can a faucet, for example, rotate 360 degrees, this range is perfect for cooking islands.

Single lever: With the single-lever mixers saves the fine adjustment to the cold water supply on the one hand, and the hot water enters the other side. With one finger you can set the desired temperature - which saves water and energy. If the valve is equipped with a high and long shaft, can be reached by her every angle. Many models fit in perfectly with the sink or countertop.

Hose showers: Hose showerheads are so convenient and flexible that professionals working with them. The tall and slender outlet of showerheads features the biggest free space when working with large pots, washing salad or cleaning the sink. Hose showers with elastic silicone discs can be cleaned very easily.

Touch Function: This innovative control switches facilitate the workflow in the kitchen considerably. Additional mechanical buttons or electronic touch pads be served well if hands are full or fingers full of cake batter sticking. Between the operations they can be opened and closed by gently tapping or touching. Consider when planning: For this kind of operation an electric outlet near the sink is necessary.

Boiling water at your fingertips: Some valves provide piping hot or chilled water at your fingertips. Some all-rounders can also filter water or mixing with soda. With such a faucet in the house to save space for the kettle and the Geschleppe of heavy water crates. So you do not scalded, manufacturers pressure-turning mechanisms, special insulations or parental controls offer.

Retractable fittings: Retractable fittings act cleaned up and save space. If the sink is placed, for example, before an inward-opening windows can be lowered outlets offer a practical solution. In addition to the retractable models, there is also removable taps that visually disappear - nice for purists who like open spaces.