10 Ideas for kitchen worktop

Select homeowners countertops for the kitchen from whichever atmosphere you want to feel when preparing, serving and enjoying the food. Kitchen worktop can visually cool or warm effect and with the colors of the cabinets, floors and fittings play in the kitchen.

Kitchen worktop, there is made of natural stone, such as granite and marble, real wood, as well as artificial materials such as laminate, laminate and engineered stone such as quartz and solid surface materials. In today's article we will introduce you to some of the least expensive options and some ideas on how to make a modern kitchen.

Real wood has a warm atmosphere and creates a homely atmosphere. Real wood kitchen worktop are very sensitive to water, scratches and bumps and need regular impregnation and oils. Countertops made of natural stone have many advantages, but also need to be maintained regularly and are available for some too expensive. For this reason, many opt for laminated plastic and laminate countertops that can mimic natural materials deceptively real. These are easier to maintain and cheaper. The only downside is that plastic countertops are sensitive to heat. Depending on your taste and kitchen design, there are many different decors to choose from.

Artificial stone has the cool aesthetic of natural stone and is at the same pressure and cut-resistant, heat-resistant and resistant to stains and scratching. Artificial stone and Minerallwerkstoff countertops consist of ground natural stone and binders which are mixed and pressed under high pressure. Quarzkomposite for example, consist of 93 percent of quartz, but is still mixed with glass and mirror fragments and connected to acrylic resin to a plate.

Corian is also a stone which has been developed by DuPont and trademarked. It is characterized by a silky, easy clean surface. The material can be designed at will and is the first choice for designers who want to create unique and creative cuisine. Corian is available in more than one hundred colors, but the version in white is popular of all.