The valuable resource of folding kitchen table

Folding kitchen table present invention are not, far from it. They take decades to exist. But now the variety of such items is huge. Some of these tables that are properly tables that have openings, hinges, wings or folds to increase or decrease its surface, and also to facilitate storage. But today you can find other different solutions, in which the table is fully integrated into the rest of the kitchen furniture. So integrated that sometimes do not know that there is a table until it's deployed. Here we present a few ideas to find the most suitable for your kitchen, for which you only have to be aware of the available area. In fact, the use of space is the rationale behind folding kitchen table in any kitchen.

The solution posed by this whole kitchen is very interesting. A kitchen island in the middle of the kitchen of which are very common in the  latest trends. In him we have everything you need, that is, their drawers, cupboards and large work space for food preparation before the ingredients reach the stove. But this furniture when serving dishes can grow. Then opens one of those drawers and what comes out is the board of a large table for four people, then to pick up the dishes it will disappear again.

This type of table already has a few years of history. A table that opens in the middle to incorporate a rectangular central body and expand the usable space of the table. In small kitchens and where people usually eat two space, the table usually stays with his younger surface, but when it is necessary because more diners flock, then unfolds and appears in the following photo.

That rectangular centerpiece is hidden while the table is folded, but the simplest way, in two moves leaves the board and is installed to transform circular two people in a much broader small oval table. The real proof of the adage that where you eat two, eat three. In fact, they can sit at the table four, five or six people, with a simple variation in the cabinet.