Modern fitted kitchen design ideas

The fitted kitchen seem to be the kind of best-selling kitchens or indeed those for betting firms interior design and furniture stores. This type of cooking can be of the most varied styles but if you want to get a kitchen to last anything like opting for models of modern integrated kitchens and you mostramo below with ideas, tips, trends and above all by telling you what they are.

The modern fitted kitchen are characterized by not only with a modern design and allows us to upgrade our full kitchen. bright colors, minimalist designs, funcionaliad systems and other concepts are important in this type of cuisine but much more so is the take advantage of the space to the point to say that a kitchen was created with the intention of making small spaces more functional and modern although intended to be occupied by a kitchen. Models like this video for example

Anyway, the c whole modern ocinas can also be a great idea to spaces that are larger so that through everything that allows us to save on square meters, can take to put such a central island that are trend these days, and seen in many of the proposals are given precisely for this type of cuisine.

We can see below some ideas for modern integrated kitchens and thus will be able to better explain how you can get more out of this space. Seize the space, but we save time when cooking and cleaning the kitchen with these models.

Let's start thinking in modern integrated kitchens as a tool to have a kitchen with everything you need and we're going to put in a small space . Just what I said before. Do you think it's impossible? In Ikea we can find examples of what I say. A c Ocina integrated allows a single wall allows placing a refrigerator, a stove and an oven and vitro ceramic, without forgetting estractora shelves or bell.

Another concept is the modern kitchen colors. For years we have seen how modern integrated kitchens were characterized by colors like red or black. The white 2015 has returned with force and with it we can have this kitchen as well as Ikea . All in white color, although details of other tones that contrast and blend . So, cabinets come in colors like brown with transparent doors and top in black.

Not only are modern integrated kitchens for smaller models. We can find also for wider spaces which look much more clearly. If we have the possibility of having a kitchen of this feature we can integrate more closets, drawers, shelves and of course, have larger appliances and the option of said central island that is so fashionable today.

If you look at materials, melamine sheets and wood ash as are imposed for this type of cuisine, although we can find designs using materials returning as a trend. It is the case of marble both looked in the kitchens of yesteryear and it is still possible to find current models of integrated kitchens.