U shaped kitchen layout design options

Plan kitchen, where all the storage, work surfaces and appliances are arranged along three walls of the room, called the u shaped kitchen layout. Such an arrangement is suitable for kitchen space medium and large sizes, square or rectangular. If kitchen area less than 10 square meters, you can create a similar layout is not quite convenient location of important segments of the kitchen, especially the tops "work triangle" stove, sink and refrigerator. It is necessary that between the three major home furnishings kitchen was a distance of at least 1 meter.

If your kitchen is not through location, square or rectangular in shape, and of sufficient size and you need to place a large number of storage systems and various kitchen appliances, the u shaped kitchen layout for you. Even in a fairly spacious kitchen with a u shaped kitchen layout, usually, there is no place to place and dining area, especially if the family has a few people and a table requires an impressive size. In this case, a separate dining room to accommodate groups. Alternatively, this layout will be relevant for a room studio, which is located just a living room, kitchen and dining room with a very conventional division of zones.

White cabinets in kitchen furniture with a u shaped kitchen layout the most popular version of the design of modern kitchen spaces, especially those who can not boast of impressive size. Stone countertops and shiny stainless steel perfectly complement the snow white composition. Another embodiment of the light performance of kitchen units with a U-shaped arrangement of storage, work surfaces and appliances the use of the white surfaces of the lower tier lockers and light gray for the upper cabinets. Applying similar colors for finishing the interior, it is possible to create a calm and neutral atmosphere of the room, and some bright décor items, or serving, will bring to the design of the kitchen a touch of positive and upbeat mood.

The modern kitchen, located in the city apartments rarely realize u shaped kitchen layout units with installation of a dining group to do this, really spacious room. In private homes or urban suburban households similar design and implement constructive method easier. The result is a cozy and comfortable kitchen with an incredibly high degree of functionality, adaptability and capacity of storage systems. But for all its rationality and fullness resources, kitchen space might look like in a country style, introducing motifs of rural life that are so organically fit into the suburban housing.