The best tips for decorating kitchen walls

Gone are the days where the kitchens had tiles depicting still lifes or convoluted that covered the walls from floor to ceiling. On the day of today you have the opportunity to choose decorating kitchen walls from a wide range of coatings to give character to our kitchen, including wood, bricks, tiles, colored paints we really spoiled for choice.

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In choosing the material we must always take into account several factors. First of all the  color : if the space you have available is short, consider using light colors. Secondly, we must consider the finishes: the chosen material must be suitable to our kitchen, where temperatures and humidity are usually high. The material we choose to be resistant to chemicals and acids. Already with the choice of material and color, our kitchen has taken on a certain style, but a last item will give the character: the choice of furniture. The metal will give a stylish, modern touch, the wood will make your kitchen a rustic atmosphere thanks to the warm tones of the material. Now, after this brief introductory guide, we would like to suggest seven different models of decorating kitchen walls, so that each of you can find what suits him.

decorating kitchen walls

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This first project promotes a minimalist style. However, even if the white floods the room, the walls and some furniture items are open to color: as the blank canvas of the painter, a section of the wall is painted in canary yellow, warm color and fun, perfect for a kitchen. Paint for decorating kitchen walls there many, those who advise us are acrylic or water-resistant. The strength and speed of drying make the best choice.

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vintage kitchen wall decor

The stone panels are a different choice for kitchens and bold. In this case, the chosen color is white, the sheets are stuck with each other horizontally. These panels, despite their appearance, are very easy to assemble. Moreover, they rest on a base of reinforced concrete with fiber mesh of glass which prevents the pietrine from detaching and falling out.