Design kitchens and a sea of ​​white light

Design kitchens and freshness of white is the theme on which we'll talk a little bit today. A color that has been studied from many perspectives. According to color psychology transmits tranquility, quiet, clean and light. Aesthetically it is very nice, so it is irresistibly attractive to add to our kitchen. For kitchens that do not have much space is a color that visually increases the size of the space.

Besides illuminating the site of an effective and uniform manner. Every idea involving design kitchens and white as color, accents can have other colors as we see in the images. The other serious personalize it with some style based on lamps , furniture or cabinets. On the latter talk a little. The white countertops are another valuable resource. The white marble in this case is great for adding texture. Only we must remember that it is a more expensive option and periodic maintenance.

It must be sealed on a regular basis and avoid spills abrasives on the surface. A lower maintenance option is the white granite that also offers a classic look. The white quartz does not have pores and may be more hygienic and stain resistant. In terms of resistance to any kitchen design and remodeling project is the white concrete answer. With it you can achieve that look of pure white. Undoubtedly the most economical option would laminated surfaces that mimic marble.

The positive economic well is its resistance to chipping and scratches. The furniture is another option to add these white details we spoke. An island usually has a bright top that can be used to illuminate the space. Adds and complements the white color with it. From a functional point of view it is excellent for preparing meals or entertainment. According to their functions should be the choice of material, color and we are clear.

Design kitchens and cabinets are an inseparable trio. Are elements of high impact, are very attractive location unlike the flat tops. . White is also a popular choice in the case of cabinets. Its availability in design is extremely varied and perfectly fit any project. Another option we have in sinks that can be white too. Fireclay as material could be the choice in this case. Usually resistant to stains and scratches. Design, kitchens and examples of great wit in the images today.