How to decorate cozy kitchens

How to decorate cozy kitchens

Before: In the 12 square meter kitchen has so far mainly cooked, the dishes made ​​in this austere environment no real fun. While the newly built cozy kitchens gleamed in warm vanilla and white, but the dining area looked still bare and prevented a clear view on the sunny terrace. After: After the proposals made ​​by interior designer kitchen now shines in sunny shades of orange and holding a comfortable seat ready: In a white wooden frame a seat cushion and color-coordinated pillows for comfort care. Thus arose an inviting place to eat, relax and mingle.

For some time now tried nice living reader Marion Heidorn to beautify your kitchen. A cozy kitchens in a delicate vanilla white was purchased, floor tiles in light beige provided additional sunny moments. The problem with the dining area, but could not. The rectangular table and various chairs appeared out of place and thrown together. Due to the bare walls the look automatically fell on the large, unadorned radiator. The sunny terrace was largely ignored, there was a lack of attractive window decoration.

From a pure kitchen to work a cozy meeting place has become. The highlight is a large white wooden frame. He not only fills the previously monotonous and empty wall with life, but also houses in its interior a bank that invites with cushions in sunny Orange to relax. The rear wall of the frame with dark laminate filled, the back can be found as a splash guard and behind the working surface. Before the Bank is a charming, round table of American, dark walnut. On the patio doors white, simple blinds are fitted with wooden slats.

For pleasant mood beside the cheerful colors also makes the soft light: Individual spots are recessed into the wooden frame of the new seating and illuminate this part of the kitchen. The hanging lamp over the table offers a special service: It depends with a ring on a pole and can be - depending on the location of the table - easy to move. Flexibility is generally the major theme of the remodeled cozy kitchens: On the wooden frame of the Bank can be if necessary stow bins and boxes. The round table can be pushed close to the bank, thanks to its converging legs with larger cooking projects, at the feast with many guests it is through individual chairs to the generous table.

Wood and laminate bring warmth and comfort to the kitchen. The wall paneling of stove and sink is made of the same, dark laminate boards like the back part of the bank in a white wood frame. To succeed in the optical connection between kitchen and dining area. The matt shining faucet over the sink with a long single lever mixer lever looks classy and offers direct mounting on the wall. These special details that cozy kitchens becomes the new favorite.