Kitchen stools with back ideas

The stools are small furniture in many cases essential for its enormous versatility in any kitchen. And they do not stay there. Many of them come to haunt every room of the house even reach the terrace and the garden. Its basic purpose is clear that it is like seat, higher or lower, sometimes backed although generally without him. But it is also very common to become a step that allows us to reach the highest shelves. That is to say, is a staple in any kitchen cabinet. And just as there are different design lines to equip these kitchens, logically kitchen stools with back have to go play, so you can find in the market with very different appearances and materials of other extraordinarily classic novel. With the huge advantage that its simplicity makes designers have found a piece of furniture that can be transformed into a decorative element of the first order.

This model is the high stool version with a brief supporting this type of furniture. Here the Valencian designer  Enrique Marti has a kitchen stools with back with solid wood structure there, which can be modified with plastic versions. In any of these materials, if you have several of these chairs can be stacked to sweep the floor, store or transport. And as he explains in his conception was inspired classics by mid-twentieth century.

This stool is the model of classic design, that is, four cylindrical wooden legs and inclined to support ground a short distance from a circular seat. But in the more traditional versions this seat would also be wood, but here has been applied to the comfort foam padding and leather upholstery, with bold, modern colors, breaking the similarities with the more rustic stools.

The new life they have discovered for shipping pallets has also achieved the design of stools. Here is an example. The wood has been recycled, cut, painted and treated to become legs and kitchen stools with back such that both may be useful in a kitchen, like winning the porch or garden if you ever need a seat.