Small country kitchens decor ideas

Instead of upgrading its small country kitchens, soft Dave has it equipped with built-in storage space, lots of wood and salvaged finds.

Create a cozy small country kitchens

Kitchen Countertops - Dave prepares his meals at a 8 cm thick plate of beech. The designer Kami Gray has a cool black and gray color scheme selected, allows the wood to look inviting.

Double sink - Dave has skipped the dishwasher and opted for this sink in a country style and more space underneath.

Recovered drawers -  created from antique glass cabinet doors, they look totally remarkable. "Since we have predominantly recycled materials used, the kitchen looks country and rustic."

Recycled finds - galvanized bucket, an old basket and antique cans give this kitchen a vintage charm. Stackable metal chairs make this breakfast nook shine with a red touch.