White country kitchen style

The white country kitchen are widespread. Among the choices you can make, about the colors for the kitchen, we can say that a very high percentage of people, choose white. The white country kitchen are beautiful to look at, do not force environments, even make them look bigger. Choices are often in white when they should furnish an open space because white goes with everything, so it is easier to join two rooms. White then you can move with a touch of color. To do this we use colored tablecloths and dishes, or of special ornaments. Often over the white country kitchen, everything else is white: doors, floors, walls. We see some white kitchens and how they were built.

The white country kitchen are always a good solution for open space. This kitchen is completely white and looking at it, the work schedule at the bottom and the central island are confused. The whole kitchen overlooking the garden. On the one hand, on the wall there are many columns equipped with various appliances, all embedded in the wall and on the other side, an entire wall of windows. The look is relaxed observing this kitchen, also on the back wall there is a long rectangular window that allows you to look out. For the floor you chose a parquet from the honey color, beautiful and natural.

Here is a fine example of white country kitchen does not necessarily ultra-modern and technological. Although this is in effect, a modern kitchen, has the vintage details. The furniture and kitchen cabinets of this fact are veneered in white and has nice handles rètro. To further accentuate this style, wall cladding was done with tile Mutina, which create the perfect setting for the kitchen. The dining table is white Gervasoni legs porcelain floor and white oak. The chandeliers are large and round and further warming the atmosphere. A beautiful white country kitchen cozy.

Here is a nice kitchen project. White country kitchen can be arranged at an angle like this and even if you have plenty of space available, can be full of everything. This kitchen has the largest basin on the wall and a penisola.La peninsula was conceived as snack area, with its two red stools and also as a cooking zone, and there are fires and hood over a modern steel and glass, that does not take up too much space. The back wall was painted gray and the floor is made of wood instead of white.

The kitchens classic white look very much like this. This provision can be found in a large kitchen separated from the other rooms of the house. This kitchen has been chosen the white likely to bring up the larger space. The kitchen occupies three walls and there are hanging on both sides that they look, while on the central wall has decided to put only a shelf, not to overfill the room, and also to let more light through the skylight. There are tables but only a small area for breakfast on the left side, where they can at least be two persons. The big steel refrigerator is on the longest wall, not to interrupt the linear design of the kitchen.

White country kitchen are enhanced by some interesting details. This country kitchen has dark wood floors and handles in silver, typical of rural homes. To break up the continuity of white were used other colors such as light green walls and a curtain, just above the sink, with blue and green flowers. The block with the fires and the oven instead is black enamel, very elegant, and the tiles behind are decorated with small drawings that recall nature. And 'a country kitchen light and welcoming