Choosing small kitchen storage ideas

Place all items and accessories on a tiny compact kitchen is possible! Today we tell how wisely kept the dishes, to find a place for accessories, as well as prompt a few ideas and DIY-sorting solutions that help you use every centimeter of space is limited.

1. The open nature of

open shelves does not occupy much space and are not visually "heavier" kitchen space. A stylish bookcase can be placed on the floor or on a table or on the surface countertops in any case, it will look spectacular.

2. Chain helpers

Wicker baskets look great in almost any kitchen style, but this is not their only advantage: they can store kitchen utensils, such as cutting boards, and even products.

3. pushed forward!

Built in racks a smart and practical solution: they glide smoothly over the top, and the presence of multiple tiers makes the process of finding the required supplies easy and fast.

4. The unexpected use of

Office organizers can easily be transformed into hanging shelves for a minor items such as a sponge
or a small pot of flowers. Be creative!

5. In limbo

wall perforated plate with holes a brilliant solution. With hooks, you can hang it on all the little things, from scissors to towels.

6. All containers

Plastic containers is almost synonymous with the phrase "intelligent storage". With their help, you can sort of kitchen supplies and accessories, keep them in order and at hand. Do not forget to stick the label to avoid confusion, or be guided by color.

7. To cut cleaned

Built in cutting board, which can be pulled out of the countertop it may be easier and more convenient? You can make and another improvement cleaning opening, which is located directly under the box.