Tiles for kitchen: modern and useful

The tiles for kitchen must have the special features. The kitchen area is in fact one of the most experienced of the house and the family will spend many hours during the day. It is also here that you are cooking and then it is also one of the most dirty, that need to be disinfected more often. For convenience usually in the kitchen they are chosen tiles easy to clean and also resistant. But the tiles for kitchen are also important in the kitchen behind the stove and the sink. Although many choose different coatings for the walls of the kitchen, the tiles remain very used. For floors instead the choice is wide and you can find different solutions.

The ceramic is one of the best materials to be used for the tiles to the kitchen. The designs of the beautiful tiles are handmade and have different geometric patterns with different colors; green, yellow and blue. The coating is also tiled of terracotta handmade tiles and are perfect to play the kitchens cared for and studied in detail.

A lot of people do not like the tiles for kitchen and prefer a nice parquet floor as a coating. Although the wood has some disadvantages, for example, you must be careful to staining, it is certainly one of the most fascinating kitchen floors. The parquet floor is chosen in the kitchen when the environment is unique or is an open space along with the living room. In these cases it is best to keep the same floor between the kitchen / dining room and the living room. So as not to break the floor with two different tiles and unsightly, you choose to keep only one type of floor, in this case the parquet.

Between the tiles for kitchen there are also these beautiful pottery style vintage. Fap ceramics are, in all there are four lines that are inspired by the Tuscan farmhouses, with their decorated floors and charm of country houses. But they are modern, with a touch of vintage. The ceramics were in fact a distressed, thanks to the colors that recall the earth but are the result of in-depth studies and technologies. So many mosaic designs and many colors in different shades. Beautiful and full of charm, perfect in the countryside but also in cities.

A practical and modern floor was created with these tiles for kitchen porcelain. The tiles in this environment creates a beautiful effect carpet that decorates in a creative and unique cuisine. It 'a collection of tiles very original and unique, which is called Shade Carpet and can also be installed in the bedroom. It has a contemporary look while drawing something old and lived. A mix of colors and designs perfectly thought out.