10 top for small kitchen designs ideas

design ideas for small kitchens

Small kitchen designs ideas - If you want to change your small kitchen into a dream kitchen which has a beautiful design, then right once you come here. Here we will give you some inspiration on the design of a small kitchen with a minimalist design concept is simple but unsightly. Not until there are, we will also provide some tips for small kitchen your pet becomes more comfortable and how to make it so that it look more spacious.

Top 10 for small kitchen designs ideas

small kitchen designs ideas

1 door sliding

There are many systems and models, but all allow leverage up to 1 m 2 more in the kitchen. Choose it with closing slowed as the ABS system Krona Koblenz, glass and natural light if you want to win.

2 Take the height of the walls

The upper cabinets that reach the ceiling multiply the capacity of storage . For the kitchen does not look crowded, just put them on one wall and choose them white or glass doors.

3 Projects as furniture

They are more expensive than the standard sizes, but you will ensure exploit every centimeter available and not leave unnecessary gaps also tend to be the focus of dirt.

4 drawers to the base

Why waste those precious 10-15 cm? In them you can save a lot ... However, to avoid crouch often use them for what they do not use every day, such as parts of garbage bags, film, etc.

5 Give dual use shelves

With depths from 10 cm, shelves allow you to save a lot. Sácales more out hooks for placing cups on the bottom or spotlights to win light in the work area.

6 Minimum handles

Although they are only 1 or 2 cm, the shooters take up space that protrude from the front. You avoid shock if you choose furniture with handles hangnail or opening pressure.

Seven shiny or glossy surfaces

They reflect light and, therefore, are able to visually enlarge the space of the kitchen. Lacquered finishes, metallic, polished are perfect to have a feeling of more space.

8 Be very strict with the order

If you have things in the middle, your kitchen is chaotic and receive much smaller than it is. Therefore it is essential that all have their place in the cupboards and drawers.

9 Do not use more than three materials

Uniformity is synonymous amplitude. Therefore, choose a unique material for the floor, another for the walls and one for furniture. And choose the counter, shelves and other details to match one of them. Betting on light colors that expand the space.

10 An office in minimum space

Even if your kitchen is small, if you equip a mini office you will give added value. A small folding shelf and stool are sufficient for breakfast or dinner quickly. And the stool you can serve as a booster to reach high cabinets.

small kitchen designs