Modern kitchen decorations ideas

decorating ideas for kitchen

Some practical and simple to decorate the kitchen and give a special touch ideas. The place to eat becomes a unique space! The place to eat each day should become a unique space in which to share experiences, daily routine and family warmth. Therefore, it is important not only decorate the kitchen , but make you become a family atmosphere .

In today's article I want to tell some proposals, ideas and tricks with which you will be able to give a personal touch to about kitchen decorations ideas. It is decorated  kitchenware  with our personality, make them unique and create a stylish ambience.

The final trick to decorate your dish towels. Cool summer easy and economical. Try it! For this craft need lemon (or orange), acrylic paint color, brush and rag let's decorate. If at first it seems easier not you imagine when you put into practice. In addition, the result is a summery, fresh, young, colorful and elegant design.

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We started putting paint on a surface large enough where we fit two colors or more. We can choose the colors that we like. With the help of the brush we will move a little paint so that there is a mass, but it is something dissolved.

Kitchen decorations ideas with wooden spoons

A simple idea, simple to make and also looks great! I recommend using different colors, because it can be much nicer. And we all have these tools we use to eg non-stick pans, stir the pasta is cooking or just to travel around the stew. Over time, such material as it is a timber that is constantly exposed to water breaks. So I recommend that these vessels sequéis air and never in the dishwasher. We just need a spoon, acrylic paint, brush and tape. Now I want to tell you how to kitchen decorations ideas with three simple steps:

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First spoon must be dry . If we scrub before, we make sure it is completely without any moisture. Then we'll put in a straight line and horizontal, a piece of adhesive tape. With the help of a paint brush (no matter how big or small, it will not take long), we're going to paint all of the handle. Repeat this process with one or more colors, as we like!

To dry it properly I recommend that do them upside down in a bucket or cup until completely absorbed the paint. We wait about an hour and you're ready. You will see how gives much life and color to the kitchen!