rustic kitchen designs to country tunes

When summer comes, we dream of rustic kitchen designs way with wooden furniture and a large oak table in the middle of the room to gather with family! Focus on a few examples of rustic kitchens authentically decorated reminiscent of cottages, traditional cuisine and family meals

modern rustic kitchen

Country kitchen with rustic farm table

With its mix of antique furniture and elements of today, this rustic kitchen offers the simplicity of a rustic interior. True living room with its large farm table around which we like to collect, put on the kitchen decor stripped and natural tones. Under the masonry work plan, the taupe curtains conceal the storage shelves and report the highlights of the room. The woven rattan balls adorn the ceiling with suspensions sobriety. On the ground, the old tile fresh and full of charm

rustic kitchen lighting

Rustic kitchen with antique furnishings

Authentic country atmosphere in this bright kitchen with white walls and white woodwork that opens onto the garden. The functional side blends with the aesthetics of natural wood and antique furniture that provide a large storage capacity and work plans made ​​to activate in the kitchen! The ragpicker type of campaign cabinet with drawers and handles halfpipe was converted into a kitchen cabinet. The large rectangular wooden table with turned legs acts as a central island. Arranged in bulk, jars, pots and cutting boards are a sign of intense activity in the kitchen

rustic kitchen designs

Design and tradition

Mixture of stainless steel and wood, this kitchen combines a solid wood frame and resolutely contemporary kitchen facilities. The wooden floor gross and beamed ceiling are answered with the softness of the natural materials. The kitchen in stainless steel design provides a recent range of appliances with a large stove two ovens, a suspended stainless steel hood and fridge freezer all

rustic kitchen table sets

Rustic kitchen masonry

Here is a rustic kitchen designs with furniture today! For a rustic effect, the kitchen features kitchen furniture masonry dressed in a traditional style of custom wood doors. The masonry stove hood overlooks the old centerpiece of this functional kitchen. White tiles behind the range are used as splashback. And to give an extra life and authenticity to the piece, a battery of pots and cutting boards are displayed on wooden shelves as decorative objects

rustic modern kitchen