Small white kitchen ideas: decor recipes to warm

The small white kitchens ideas has become a best seller in the world of modern kitchens, designer or contemporary. Who wants to renovate her kitchen or modernize its interior, white, matt or lacquered, is the most modern neutral color and spirit of renewal. Install a small white kitchens is opting for a fresh and timeless kitchen, for a bright central room where you will enjoy spending time. But if you all white is too white, seduced by ideas of colors and materials to warm the kitchen

small white kitchen ideas

A white and green kitchen

This white lacquered kitchen with cupboards placing on the tangy green and the wood of the retractable kitchen table to reach a nature environment and vitamins. Perfect fresh and light composition to modernize its rules in a spirit trend.

A white kitchen with skylight

Ideal for departing from the pristine white designer kitchens, interior glass roof brings a workshop wink makes the atmosphere more relaxed cuisine. The indoor glass breaks the rigorous lines of contemporary kitchens without taking anything away from the kitchen modernity. Its steel frame brings a tendency character to the room. Note: The industrial style interior windows is enhanced by the bells lamps installed close the windows.

A small white kitchens ideas with red wall

The white lacquered goes beautifully with the bright colors. For a vitamin atmosphere in the kitchen, orient yourself bright colors reminiscent fuits and vegetables! The red tomato is certainly an intense color but it brings a marked modernity to the kitchen and works very well with the chrome elements kitchen facilities.

Worktops and small white kitchens

In an all white kitchen with white walls and cupboard doors with white panels, any shade of color on worktops plays a role of accessorizing. In this kitchen, the base units worktop is black, as well as the central island worktop. The black contrasts with efficiency but its radical nature can be mitigated by introducing an element of a natural color like this bright brown table.