Small kitchen design ideas: How to space saving

How to save space in your small kitchen? Corner cabinet, retractable table, ingenious drawer, small appliances, smart design Here are 5 tips to help you for small kitchen design ideas.

The m2 in a kitchen are counted. So you better be smart to build on them. How? With a few small kitchen design ideas that can save space and thus optimize m2 cram everything. Furniture any height, angle, foldaway table and socket, space-saving storage, smart layout Side House Book 12 you clever ideas to exploit each m2 of your kitchen and equip at best.

4 Tips Small Kitchen Design Ideas

1. Install cupboards to the ceiling height to exploit all the space

small kitchen design ideas

In a small kitchen, the ideal is to use the full height available to optimize storage. So installing cupboards that spin to the ceiling. Good point: the wall units allow clear of floor space and thus gain maximum space. One recommendation: access must remain easy.

2. Select a retractable table for a real saving space in a kitchen

small kitchen designs

Install a retractable table is THE ingenious solution to have a real meal in a nice corner kitchen. It disappears after use in furniture, without overwhelming the room without impeding the passage. It really sticks.

Failing to have the place to install a cabinet with retractable table, think smart drawer that hides a worktop surface. With him is a small side table that is offered to you; add two chairs, and it's done for a dej 'on the go in the kitchen.

3. Buy small appliances to save space in the kitchen

small kitchen design

Make room in your kitchen clean and opt for the small household appliance saves space. No more coffee which unnecessarily clogging your work plan. Choose a reduced size, as KitchenAid model with insulated cup to go.

4. Put the sliding doors to the kitchen furniture to save space at the opening

small galley kitchen design

Install cabinets with swinging doors makes you waste space in cramped spaces. Good idea: Taking Advantage of kitchen furniture with a sliding curtain. With it, your kitchen is gaining pace and also optimizes its surface, double shot!