Old world kitchens: authentic and serene kitchen

We often imagine an Old world kitchens in a country house, or a country house style apartment in a family house and in a holiday spirit inside. The old kitchen may yet be found anywhere, even in the most urban interiors. She aspires to a certain serenity and a certain charm that is reassuring everyday. Always friendly and warm, the old world kitchens often takes large room to live tunes could sometimes replace the dining room. Here it simmers good food, we find ourselves, we do homework, we meet our friends with an aperitif In short this cooking style brings a breath of wind in the quiet house.

Old world kitchens, how to compose?

Often made ​​of wood furniture, antiques, to a former tile cement floor tiles type or sometimes with ceiling moldings and retro windows, the old kitchen is complemented do no frills. She moves away noble and sophisticated materials such as stainless steel and marble and is moving towards the wood and concrete. Authentic materials that accentuate its sober and natural mind. Before all friendly, it has an establishment, cozy kitchen, cooking I or U in the kitchen. In front of worktop in length, there is generally a large family dining table where you can easily imagine meals shared with family or friends. To give it a little more charm, cooking piano, refrigerator SMEG appliances and vintage design are in order. Colors hand, the old kitchen takes a broad palette of neutral and timeless colors, from white to taupe through light gray and black.

Kitchen with old, for whom?

Often thought to be an old world kitchens when living in family. This kitchen is transformed into warm and comforting cocoon. An atmosphere often set up with weathered and rough wood elements that recall a country house and establish an undeniable sweetness. Whether it is a closed kitchen or a kitchen open to the living room, she announced an atmosphere under the sign of calmness, serenity, reunions and simple pleasures. As a parenthesis in daily life, the old world kitchens made ​​with objects from the past and objects of this alternating perfectly between tradition and modernity.