Ideas for blue kitchen walls

According to psychologists, the blue color in the interior the most calming and relaxing, it lowers blood pressure and helps relieve stress. This color one of the most popular in the design of the bedroom or bathroom, but not so often encountered in the design of the kitchen: it is believed that the blue when misuse of depressing, and suppresses appetite. By the way, not such a big disadvantage for the majority of housewives.

In my opinion, in the interior need to use a color that you personally delight and joy. And even psychologists do not agree. Love the blue color in the interior? Nothing prevents you fill in the range of your kitchen. Today I will share with you examples of the elegant blue kitchen walls, tell you what to combine and how to decorate a space, so that it does not look dull and depressing.

If the kitchen window overlooking the sunny side, feel free to use blue kitchen walls! Natural lighting will make the cold range and enliven the room warmer. If the window to the north and the sun is not enough, an elaborate system of artificial lighting. Use light bulbs that give a warm light, create a multi level lighting. About types of lighting can be read here.

In any case, choosing the blue kitchen walls, give up the dense dark curtains. White translucent curtains  or even lack thereof that need to be used in the maximum natural light. If you have a small kitchen, look at the light blue tones. It is believed that the hue visually separates the walls and objects, making the room more spacious. Separately, about the design of a small kitchen, I wrote here.