Kitchen designs with islands

Not so long ago the kitchen designs with islands was exotic for our compatriots. Foreign design projects all at a sorting location dazzled options, modifications, color and texture palette of the kitchen island. Unfortunately, most kitchen spaces of apartment buildings standard plan can not boast enough space to accommodate not only the minimal set of kitchen storage and household appliances, but also of the practical, functional and visually attractive module like an island. But the situation has changed over time, more and more apartments with improved design and studio apartments can offer owners of larger premises, not to mention private homes urban and suburban type. A growing number of Russians, ordering the manufacture of kitchen units, consider the option of installation and the islands as part of the storage, work surfaces and space for integration of domestic appliances or sinks.

Let's look at more options for modification of kitchen designs with islands, their pertinent part in interior kitchens of varying layouts, occupancy of this module, color, texture and design solutions.

Kitchen designs with islands with a variety of layouts furniture ensembles

Island kitchen - is a stand-alone furniture module that can be integrated as a system of storage and appliances. The upper part of the island, as a rule, is a tabletop, which can be used as a cutting table or dining space for short meals. Also, the upper part can be a system integrations sinks, hob or gas cooker. At the base of the kitchen island, in addition to storage for cookware and kitchen accessories can be integrated appliances such as a microwave, oven, dishwasher and wine cooler. Depending on the size of the kitchen designs with islands, which is directly dependent on the size of the room, and the family's needs, make up the "filling" and working surfaces of the base module.

Angled kitchen furniture layout often accompanied by placement of a kitchen island in a room for cooking. The fact that in this arrangement, storage, work surfaces and appliances, there is sufficient space even in medium-sized rooms. Specialists Ergonomics recommend the installation of the island as a separate module of the furniture in the kitchen space with an area of ​​at least 9 square meters.

By extending countertop kitchen island and leaving space for the feet at its base, it is possible to obtain a very convenient place for a short meal, such as breakfast. For houses or apartments, where there are no small children and the elderly. Such rack with bar stools can serve as dining areas, if a separate room for dining is not all households do not mind spending time for a meal, sitting on high bar stools or stools. If you plan to spend at the kitchen designs with islands worktop not only breakfast, but also eating at other times of the day, you can consider the installation of mini-chairs or bar stools with backs and upholstered.