Modern modular kitchen combines comfort and aesthetics

They want a functional and modern modular kitchen have, which is reflected several different design influences and contemporary style shows? Yes, this can prove to be a difficult task indeed. But Snaidero has managed it and now shows us a kitchen on a large scale the fabulous WAY Kitchen! What makes this cuisine so special? Consumers here have complete control over the final appearance of the kitchen left to the many modular units to match any color scheme and layout. Apparently, the designers have thoroughly investigated and recognized that this space is increasingly an organic extension of the living room the trend of kitchens. Now they present us their innovative cuisine with OpenStorage solutions that forms a bridge between the two premises in the house.

Snaidero surprised us with some amazing limited kitchen solutions that make the daily lives of busy, urban residents much easier. The handle-less design of the shelves plays a crucial role in shaping the overall appeal of this beautiful kitchen and provides a smooth, uninterrupted look. Another striking feature is the use of floating wall units and base units to create a hanging effect. The simple, basic horizontal and vertical storage units also secure enough space and are made so that you can adjust the kitchen to your needs again.

A wonderful blend of natural and artificial materials with intelligent LED lighting gives each kitchen compilation coziness and mood. For Snaidero, you are faced with the agony of choice: lacquered aluminum open units, a wide range of surfaces for cabinets and kitchen countertops and an exclusive range of space-saving storage solutions! The Way Modular kitchen by Snaidero shows you the way to your dream kitchen!