Kitchen carpets: everything about this new trend element

If one day we told you about a kitchen rug, perhaps only would you have not believed? But now, the decoration evolves and sometimes knows some innovations, such as kitchen rugs that becomes an essential element in making a slightly more refined space.

When thinking kitchen carpet, we often think cozy carpet and lounge room while the carpet comes in different forms to suit every room in the house. In the end, all have their dedicated kitchen carpet, the bathroom at the entrance through the living room and bedroom. So why not the kitchen? Now it is no longer left behind. Currently considered a living full, the kitchen becomes a place of life dedicated to family reunion and friends over a meal, homework and other daily activities. So decorate the kitchen as a living room and a kitchen gladly welcome mat.

Several kitchen rugs exist, those dedicated exclusively to wet rooms (bathrooms and kitchens) developed in plant and washable materials that facilitate maintenance, and those destined to any room of the house, the bedroom and the lounge, more soft and comfortable way kitchen carpet, for example. Between the two should be selected, even if we advise you over the carpet really suitable for cooking in a small kitchen, installed close to the sink to prevent water splashes from falling to the ground and cause a slip. In a large kitchen, most definitely we would opt for the real thick and comfortable carpet, one on which we can walk barefoot with confidence. In this case, the carpet takes place in the kitchen dining area next to delimit this space and give it a little more style by filling the mind set up with table and chairs.

Finally, if you are not at all convinced by this new trend that is the kitchen rugs, bet on kitchen carpet. They take shape in several ways: drawn on the ground, with cement floor mats vinyl printing (Beija Flor brand) or size demarcations on the ground with the mere presence of tiles. If the tiles used to make friezes, why does it not also serve to create kitchen rugs that are illusion?

But why choose the kitchen rugs? This design element is simply personalize your interior, adding that little extra decoration that was missing from the kitchen decoration to accentuate his friendly spirit. The kitchen is increasingly high, so it is normal that some furniture is older and it consists of additional decorative items. Through our small folder "kitchen rugs", discover more about this decorative phenomenon that takes a little more breadth daily