Decorating a small kitchen: from problem to solution

Decorating a small kitchen, the problem with many of us. Students and young couples-but not only-familiar theme: studio apartments from 40 to 60 square meters, which must be able to contain all that is needed, and unfortunately sacrificing our comfort in the kitchen. The good news though is that there are many ways to overcome the major drawbacks of a decorating a small kitchen then, what is your problem?

Maybe you live in a studio apartment and your kitchen is your stay? The watchword is fit! Leave space between furniture and another would be completely useless, that's why all the possible elements are integrated to each other, so the cabinet next to the stove becomes table top of the sofa.

The hood takes many forms rotonde- more versatile when one is to juggle a few centimeters- and the wall on either side of the sofa, has a small library built. The dominant color? The white of course: here also the beams have been bleached, expanding at most every cm available. The sofa and the kitchen utensils is vital to give accents of color here and there

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Always remaining in the event that the stay should accommodate the kitchen how about this solution designed for one of the traditional Puglia? Here a vaulted niche in the dry wall encompasses the entire kitchen, which seems carved directly into the stone. A wise backlight illuminates every corner, making the space work perfectly functional. Near the niche we see an old press for pressing olives restored, to which was added a countertop oak. The work plan can turn around the fulcrum of the press as needed: additional space for work in the kitchen or a table top for appetizers? To you the choice!

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Another complicated situation could be that of decorating a small kitchen not only small, but also dimly lit. The solution? Glossy lacquers, total white for the walls and chrome-plated steel for the furniture. The result, as we see here, is not limited to a dose of extra lighting. The kitchen takes on a neat appearance and rafffinato fact, that seems to shine with their own light!