How to choose the new kitchen ideas

Ideas and tips for finding the perfect kitchen without losing your temper. The big, famous gripe that everyone sooner or later have to face:  I choose as the new kitchen ideas?

Yet the kitchen for many is the heart of the house , so it needs a lot of attention and a similar choice may not only change the mood of the room used as a kitchen, but the whole house.

For personalized advice, you can contact us , but in the meantime we consider together the main points to keep in mind when embarking on this adventure:


First you need to plan the layout of the kitchen , creating a design on paper with the right proportions and take some questions.

  • How many work plans serve?
  • Where you will positioned the sink?
  • What elements, such as the refrigerator or stove, they can be close? And as far?
  • In the kitchen also serves the area to eat? If yes, for how many people?
  • When planning must absolutely not neglect their daily needs , even if you have always many guests.

And 'you need to look carefully also size and position of doors, windows and power sockets.

The budget

Appearance of course essential: better to keep it slightly higher and consider a 10%  extra for emergencies, additions and substitutions. It 'important to consider all costs, such as installation of electrical, plumbing and electrical systems to enter or renew.

The materials

When choosing a kitchen usually it does it with the intention of being able to take advantage of for many years . The white marble or steel for example are beautiful for kitchen surfaces, but the former can stain easily, the second scratch.

And 'advisable to choose materials that endure over time and they need little maintenance.


Their cuisine, and their homes, should be furnished to their own style and personality. Some choices may be safe , even if trivial, but if you have to choose a kitchen that you will see over the next 20 years better to opt for the one that you like best and that can have a style that you will not stew in ten years.

Be creative, do not follow the fashions of the moment and try to create a continuous line between the style of the kitchen and the rest of the house.

Appliances and equipment

Obviously in a new kitchen ideas appliances are a must. No need to necessarily more expensive to have a good quality , but better to focus on brands already known and tested. Now many brands offer guarantees  of several years without requiring an extended warranty.

The hood

In every kitchen that respects the extractor fan can not miss. The market hoods similar to those of the brand, but of lower quality : do not give in before a price too appealing, aspiration may malfunction and what you have saved at first you'll have to invest again for a new hood .

Organization of waste

General turmoil is easy to forget the daily needs, such as the space devoted to junk . The area under the sink is a classic, but you can easily buy a nice design with special bins or containers already divided by the collection be placed in a strategic point of the kitchen.

Ideas and projects for kitchens to be renewed

If your budget is limited or you are not going to buy a new kitchen ideas, but to renew the present , you can make simple changes that will help to upgrade the local without high costs.

Here are some examples:

Paint: brush up walls in a different color or brightest helps to make cooking more fresh and new. You 'can do it yourself , in the market there are many paints not too expensive and you can ask a simple consultation for the best choice. Take into account any exposure to the north or mold growth due to moisture.

Personalized wall: besides the paint itself can customize a wall to make it a focal point of the kitchen, thanks to colored backgrounds, tile backsplashes or of different sizes and heights.

Worktops and doors: Some companies sell doors, front and work plans at affordable prices, without sacrificing quality. After choosing the desired style you can easily choose the most appropriate dealer.

Lighting:  as we have said here , the lighting in a kitchen can make a real difference, especially if space is limited. Create the right atmosphere with spotlights and lights under the counter, pendant lights Well positioned can radically change the mood of the kitchen.

Floors: the budget here rises slightly, but if the floor is old its replacement can give new life to the kitchen. The vinyl floors are usually fairly inexpensive, while natural materials such as stone and wood are more expensive.

The floors can be a fascinating solution and would make the kitchen warm and welcoming, but it should be a choice type resistant and suitable for any splashes of water, juice and anything else!